Bible session 1


All Aboard

Welcome and story time

In a circle ask the Pilots for any news or anything they would like to share with the group.

Pilots Promise and Prayer

Sit in a circle on chairs facing inwards. Give the Pilots each a different name from the Bible and remove 1 chair then the Pilot on that chair stands in the centre of the circle.  Call out 2 names and they must swap places whilst the one in the middle tries to “pinch” a chair.  Whoever doesn’t get a chair stays in the centre.

Call out “Bible” intermittently and then everyone must change chairs and the one left starts in the centre.

Refreshments / tuck shop

Print out several sheets of New Testament Books on different coloured paper (template attached) and hide them around the building.  Divide the Pilots into groups as befitting the number attending and give them a colour.  The red group are to find all the red books and the blue group to find the blue books etc.  Once they are all found they then find a space and put them in order.  Make sure a Bible is available for each group (maybe wait a little before handing them out to see how they manage).  The first group to finish the order correctly wins.

Quick game – 2 teams – 2 packs of playing cards. Leader to turn over cards one at a time and the Pilot at the front of the line obeys the instruction – Red to run (to a designated point and back) – black to the back. The Pilot keeps on running as long as a red turns up but when it turns black the next one has a turn.

Talk a little about all the different stories in the Bible and how they fall into many categories – adventure, war, romance etc.


Dear Lord, we thank you for the people who gave us the Bible, the people who passed down the stories, the people who wrote the stories, the people who first printed the stories, the people who translated the stories so everyone could understand them.  We thank you for the ability to read the stories and for the people who tell us the stories.

We pray for the people in the world who do not have Bibles or are not allowed to have Bibles, please let them know of your love and the best story ever – the story of your Son Jesus Christ.


All Ashore